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Note: This required .Net 4.0 Runtime. This can be downloaded from here:


  • Simple UI to host the toodledo web interface (full and slim) using a embedded IE window (IE8 on Win 7, IE7/8 on Vista).
  • Ability to modify the look and the feel of the site via the configuration using CSS style sheets.
  • The ability to grey out the desktop to give you focus only to the task list.
  • Capability to interact with Toodledo via the API for eventual offline task management.

Screen Shots:

Toodledo DF - Styled UI

Toodledo DF - Slim Mode
Toodledo DF - Normal UI
Toodledo DF - Focus Mode

Toodledo DF - Configuration

Change Log:

  • V 0.20.1101.2401
    • Updated UI.
    • Update saving of configuration to central location to resolve loss on upgrades.
    • Backend Changes….
  • V 0.20.1006.1301
    • Modified the way settings are stored to stop them being lost on upgrades.
    • Created timer functionality with hotkeys.
    • Changed the path for the log files.
    • Hot keys can be editied directly in the config file but require a restart.
  • V 0.20.1006.1101
    • BUG: Cleared out title before post….
  • V 0.20.1006.0901
    • BUG: Pressing F5 would cause the CSS changes to be lost.
    • BUG: Fatal exception in registering keyboard hooks would cause crash, caught andwarning presented.
  • V 0.20.1006.0701
    • BUG: Task title not being updated between entries fixed.
    • Added override for the refresh as it was breaking the CSS (User Ctrl+R)
    • Shifted login to application startup to reduce delay on task creation.
    • Made the API intergration optional in the configuration (On by default)
    • Added Due Date to the new task window.
    • Added a cancel button to the create task (Also acceible via Escape)
    • Internal API modification.
  • V 0.20.1005.3003
    • Fixed focus issue with the new task popup.
    • Stopped excessive authentication against the API.
  • V 0.20.1005.3002
    • Started to add logging to the application. Log can be accessed by the view log linkin the About box. Please ensure you have removed your id and password before posting!
    • Changed Add task window to a popup.
    • Added a system hot key (Win+Alt+N) to make a task from any application.
    • Task will contain clipboard contents for the note field (Use Options to disable).
  • V 0.20.1005.2901
    • Added authentication settings to the configuration page.
    • Added ability to create task from UI, ensure settgins are correct first 🙂
  • V 0.20.1005.2601
    • Fixed issue where css was applied to the slim page.
  • V 0.20.1005.2501
    • Code cleanup and removal of Win32 components. Now it is pure WPF.
    • Browser window now handles keyboard commands.
    • Cleaned up the UI.
  • V 0.20.1005.2301
    • Created link in options to edit css styles.
    • Fixed issue where focus mode would not take window out of topmost mode.
  • V 0.20.1005.2301
    • Modified the CSS load so it is faster and there is no UI jump.
    • Changed configuration to allow multiple CSS files.
    • Just modify the cssstyle.xml file with the css you want.